Maggie Daley Rink Opens

Opening day for the Maggie Daley RinkIt took two years, but the Maggie Daley Ice Rink has opened.  I’ve never had this kind of experience and it was also the first time on skates for the season, all of which added up to a little uncertainty and some tentative start on ice.  The rink itself has two ups and two downs — not steep, but steep enough that if you stop skating you will  either speed up and go downhill or stop and slide backward.  Also the lane widens and narrows, and that adds up to congestion.  This rink is NOT for beginners.  Fall down or stop and you could be in big trouble.  Folks just aren’t used to skating in a variable width.  Also, like all venues, some people just want to go fast and that can lead to some pretty dicey situations, especially when it’s crowded.  The official Park District information sheet lists the capacity as 700 skaters.

It takes the Zamboni about an hour to refinish the  surface, so when the gates open it is like the Oklahoma Land Rush.  I’m surprised that no one was injured.  After a while it thins out and the experience is much nicer.  Fortunately there are other things to do in the park while waiting for it to freeze over.