Jeanne Dale Newberry

Gustav Ernest Newberry
16 JAN 1872 - 02 APR 1948
Jeanne Dale Newberry
22 FEB 1906 - 03 APR 2006
Helga Ruth Roth
ABT 1873 - 19 JAN 1961

If it weren’t for the 1910 Census, we would probably never known that Jeanne Dale was most likely a stage name and that her given name at birth was Ruth.  We also determined the year of birth as well.  Both she and her older sister Vicki, who always called her “Sis” and never let on, lied about their ages constantly, but not consistently.  We have not been able to locate her birth certificate, but will keep on checking.

Mom had two siblings but neither had children.  We information about Grandpa Newberry (Nygrin) that probably could be researched going back to Sweden based on church records.  One Grandma Newberry’s records refers to a Helga Carlsen, not Roth.

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