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2014 Auto Show

Went to the Auto Show with the grandkids who enjoyed jumping into every car they could and making a good “kid” evaluation, e.g. two video monitors, easy pull-down seats, etc.

This could be the year!
This could be the year!

Amazingly I got them to pose in front of this car and got one good shot with them smiling rather than making funny faces, sticking out their tongues, and generally making fun of anyone who isn’t a Sox fan.

AJ & The Motorcycle Show

AJ at the Motorcycle Show
AJ at the Motorcycle Show

It took a while for my Grandson AJ to get the urge to jump on some small format bikes at the recent Chicago Motorcycle Show.  This one’s probably a bit big and both Honda and Kawasaki have ones that are appropriately sized.  Makes me wonder as AJ doesn’t really ride a two-wheeler yet about the kids that get these entry dirt bikes.  They are illegal for street use so where do you ride?

His favorite thing at the show was the stunt team.

PS:  AJ wants a Kawasaki Green Ninja based on the show experience.

Cornell 50th Reunion

This June marks my 50th reunion from Cornell University.  I’ve been to a fair number and was a co-chair for the 40th.  This year we’re being smart:  (a) Flying into Ithaca to avoid car rentals, late limos, and whatever, and (b) Staying at the Marriott Courtyard and not the dorms.  I don’t care how new or deluxe they sound, it’s still a mess, mildew abounds, and somewhat of a hassle to check in.

I was asked by the chair to prepare an authors event, where classmates who had published a book (one with an ISBN) would be recognized.  Well, 19 responded and the Cornell Store will host.