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The Blumenthal Family

Welcome to our site containing information about the Blumenthal family in Chicago.  I believe that our branch was among the first Blumenthals to settle here in the late 1860’s.

Mr. Webb Masters a Chicago Blumenthal
Mr. Webb Masters (not really my name)

Originally we constructed our site to find out more about our family tree and heritage.  We continue to have that objective in mind as there are still many missing pieces.

This site has attracted a number of people who recognize the names Blumenthal, Marwil (Marwilsky, Marwilinsky), Newberry, Nygrin, Roth, Hartstein, Eisenberg, Weissberg and many more.  Use the pull-down menu on the top navigation bar to see just the basic information that we carry on this website.  We have a family tree that contains over 500 names.

The Blog

In addition, we have many, many interests that have been picked up over the years, so pick a Blog Category from the pull down menu on the left to view our blogs.

You’ll find posts dealing with my wanderings about the city camera in hand, bicycle and motorcycle trips, and other observations.

We don’t do a lot of blogging and some of these posts came from other sites of mine, but we seem to be getting around to spending a bit more time registering some comments and spouting an opinion or two.

Feel free to send us a comment or ask a question using contact information found elsewhere on this site.

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