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The End of my Motorcycling Adventures

A couple of things have bothered me recently.  One was a tingling in my left arm and vertigo, especially after some rigorous bicycle riding and the other about distracted drivers in Chicago.

The first item involved a neurologist at Rush Hospital where we went over a number of items.  I knew that I had a stenosis (narrowing) in my neck, but she indicated that it was pretty severe and was becoming more acute by wearing a heavy helmet, i.e. for motorcycling, not for bicycling.  My problems while riding my bike were most likely caused by the way my neck was positioned riding in a crouched manner with my neck bent looking at the path ahead — always a good idea on a heavily travelled path.  The killer was when she advised that I should be prepared to be paralyzed from the neck down should I have even a mild accident.

For the past few years I have been bothered by distracted drivers.  A key factor in most accidents is the “I didn’t see the motorcycle” excuse.  It used to be taxi drivers looking for a fare that cut off everyone, but now it seems that virtually every driver is looking down or talking.  It’s hard to avoid traffic when you live right in the middle of downtown Chicago.  Although I felt safe on most traffic free roads, even the expressways with high speed (and I do mean high speed) traffic was a concern.  Just this factor alone was causing me to think twice about my relatively new experiences over the past few years.

The medical and emotional concerns combined to make the decision to quit riding motorcycles.  I still belong to the Chaiway Riders and attend breakfasts and may be the sag wagon on a trip or two, but no more riding.  It still leaves a pit in my stomach to see everyone ride off to hills and scenic roads.

AJ & The Motorcycle Show

AJ at the Motorcycle Show
AJ at the Motorcycle Show

It took a while for my Grandson AJ to get the urge to jump on some small format bikes at the recent Chicago Motorcycle Show.  This one’s probably a bit big and both Honda and Kawasaki have ones that are appropriately sized.  Makes me wonder as AJ doesn’t really ride a two-wheeler yet about the kids that get these entry dirt bikes.  They are illegal for street use so where do you ride?

His favorite thing at the show was the stunt team.

PS:  AJ wants a Kawasaki Green Ninja based on the show experience.

Dekalb Derecho?

This is the third year that I have participated in the MS Tour de Farms ride in Dekalb, IL as a part of the motorcycle safety crew. My job on the morning of 6/22/13 was to control the flow of 3,000 cyclists through the intersection of Nelson and Rich Roads. Weather had delayed the start for 1-hour, but now it was on. Then out of the west … Some winds, a drip in temperature, but no rain! Taken with my iPhone in HDR and stitched together in Photoshop.

PS:  This is wall cloud, not a derecho.

The Chais

The Chaiway Riders of Chicago is my club.  Most of the riders are on the North Shore and with me located in the Loop it’s sometimes a bit of an ordeal to make the meetings and rides.  Check out the site at — it’s a WordPress site augmented by the wonderful group event application for the Members Only section.

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