Goodbye, Whiskey Fest!

kiltThe nationally sponsored Whiskey Fest has been a staple of Chicago’s whiskey fans for more than a dozen years.  It has become very popular and takes place in the March/April time frame and is hosted at the Hyatt Regency downtown.  I’ve gone for many years.  With success comes problems.  The ticket prices have soared (increased demand), number of slots (supply) limited, and therefore a sellout in literally minutes after they go on sale.  Mind you it’s a really nice event with lots of beverages, good food, seminars, etc.  But all this comes at a price.

Binny’s, on the other hand, has a World of Whiskey event on the evening before Whiskey Fest and features many of the same vendors.  Their event is more focused on whiskey, and does not have vodkas, beers, etc., which has crept into the Fest event.  Also, the depth of products is actually greater at Binny’s.  The food is not as elaborate, the crowds are smaller, and the price is unbelievable (too low to print here).

I’m not sorry I couldn’t get a ticket to the Fest, but got to see the World instead.

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