Blumenthal Family Tree

coatofarmsBlumenthal is the German word for “Valley of Flowers.”  The name was used by Moses Blumenthal, the first Blumenthal to live in America.  Despite my mother’s desire to change it to “Bloomingdale'” we’ve kept it as is.  The other sides of the family have had a number of changes, e.g. Marwilinsky, to Marwilsky, to Marwill.

For the most part, my research has only concentrated on the American side and not the European ancestors.  That may change if I keep running into some dead ends here in Chicago (and Texas).

I have been the recipient of many items from my parents, grandparents, and other relatives to the point where I would almost require the services of an archivist to organize and preserve.

One area of interest are the siblings of my grandfather Abraham who disappeared from the family.  Please leave comments or contact me if you have any information or need a verification of some of your own research.

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BlumenthalHarold 03 AUG 1902 - 21 NOV 19821495
BlumenthalMoses OCT 1838 - 02 JAN 19051498
NewberryJeanne Dale 22 FEB 1906 - 03 APR 20061496
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