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Paying Taxes

Like everyone else it seems, paying your taxes at the very last moment is the only way to do it.  I’ve done it on-line and at Chase Bank, but those two methods result in a debit to your account almost immediately.  Paying by mail gives a good amount of float, but standing in line to make sure you get a proof of mailing and cancellation date takes a while. The best way?  Stand in the “line” at the County Treasurer’s office.  I’ve never waited more than a minute and it’s good exercise for me to get out and walk.  Just did it yesterday.  And guess what?  They won’t cash the check for almost a week if past history holds.

River Walk

Only a stone’s throw from our condo is the River Walk (and DuSable Harbor).  One of my favorite ways to walk or bicycle to the Lakefront Path or head west to where the River walk ends at State Street.  There’s a plan to extend it, but who knows when?

This photo was taken using my Blackberry camera one morning in August on the River Walk.  The Little Lady host the best architectural tour on the water, and that spout celebrates the water system — every hour on the hour.  It’s early in the morning and the crew is preparing for a day of tours.  They usually avoid going under the spout when they have passengers.

(That didn’t stop the Dave Matthew’s bus from emptying its whatever when the Little Lady went under the Columbus Street Bridge!)