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The Windy City

Most people know that it’s the wind from the politicians, not Mother Nature that gives Chicago the Windy City moniker.  Somethings will never change, but after stepping out of my lakefront condo this morning I have a mixed opinion.  Both my wife and I agree that the area just outside of out building where there are several other structures that funnel any breeze through a tight passageway is probably the windiest part of the city — at least as far as we’re concerned.  This morning’s 35 mph steady wind with gusts to 45-55 mph predicted has set a new record for breathless walking on my trip to school.  Talk about venturi effect!  Not only was it hard to stand, but breathing itself was difficult.  Good thing I didn’t wear one of my broad brimmed hats — I’d be in Hudson’s Bay for lunch.

Stick to Opera

The Lyric needs to stick to opera and not become a stage for musicals like the recent Showboat production.  Yes, it was nice, but not appropriate, especially for us season ticket holders who bought our subscriptions to see opera.  We have front row center seats and enjoy both seeing and hearing good operatic singers, yet yesterday’s amplified electronic voices were totally unintelligible despite knowing the songs and lyrics in English.

Please Lyric, if you must have these productions to stay viable, let’s break the subscriptions in two.