Bicycling North on a Standard Route

Heading South on a Divvy bike to find a station less than 30 minutes away.

Since I live on the Lakefront Path, it’s only natural that I tend to use it for portions of my regular rides. I can go north or south; use it for going or for returning. This is the 25 mile ride that’s becoming standard for my northern adventures.

  1. Head north from Dusable harbor to the end of the path at Ardmore
  2. Head west and north along Ardmore and Kenmore to Granville
  3. Head west on Granville until it stops at Kedzie
  4. Head south and merge onto the Channel Trail
  5. Take the Channel trail to Lawrence where it stops
  6. Head east on Lawrence to Lincoln Square
  7. Have lunch in one of the many places to eat
  8. Head southeast on Lincoln Avenue to Wells
  9. Head south on Wells to Wacker (it’s closed at Wells so zig zag)
  10. Head east on Wacker and join the Riverfront Trail
  11. Take the Riverfront trail to Dusable Harbor

All told it’s about 25 miles and i always ride it in this order.  Sometimes I make a break at Broadway to Argyle if Pho sounds good, but I usually save the Asian food for Chinatown rides.  My long north rides usually head out Elston Avenue using Kinzie Street and the dedicated bike lanes.  That’s an open ended proposition and I have found myself at O’Hare Airport with a long ride back.

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