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A Tad on the Cold Side

It’s been pretty cold in Chicago this winter, but the ice fishermen are a hardy bunch.  Take a look at the flag and guess the wind chill.

Canon G1x
Canon G1x

My reason for this post isn’t entirely the weather, but the first shot I took with my new Canon G1x camera.  I bought this camera to take on trips when lugging my Canon T1i DSLR and lenses would be overkill and hard on my back.  If it is to fit into my pocket, then I better wear cargo pants or my vest.

The Chicago River After the Ice Breaker

The featured photo is a straight RAW import into Lightroom without any correction, taken from my living room through the window.

The other is a JPEG using one of many Scene Modes.  I think I might like this camera.

Channahon to Morris Along the I&M Canal

Channahon is the “official” trailhead for the I&M Canal Path, but the path in reality starts up around Willowbrook and proceeds south to Lemont, Lockport, and Joliet.  I have ridden my motorcycle along much of the route using local roads, but this was the first time on a bicycle.

Little did I know at the time, but my brand new Dahon Mu 8 folding bicycle needs the handlebars lowered and requires two hands when riding on rough surface. I took a spill in Morris, had lunch, rode 15 miles back, and then drove an hour to get home. I didn’t break anything, but was I ever sore for a few weeks.

This section of the trail is very scenic and encompasses two lock tender’s homes, an aqueduct, and the grave of Chief Shabbona.  There are no facilities between these two points, so the ride most often is from Channahon to Morris where one has lunch and then a return.